Friday, 28 October 2011

PUSH-UPS: Chris Rhatigan

So, what you pushing right now?
PULP INK. It’s a collection of 24 short stories from some of the best writers in crime fiction. Allan Guthrie, Reed Farrel Coleman, Patti Abbott, Hilary Davidson, Ian Ayris, Paul D. Brazill, Eric Beetner, Gary Phillips and many more. If you dig noir/hardboiled stories, look no further.

What’s the hook?
Nigel Bird (co-editor) and I sent out prompts (bits of dialog, soundtrack titles) from Pulp Fiction to all the writers The writers found some creative ways to use those prompts. The collection has a Tarantino flavor to it – violent, sweary, often funny and packed with action.

And why’s that floating your boat?
What’s floating my boat is the quality of the stories. The source material is cool and all, but in the end, the stories are what matters.

When did you turn to crime?
About two or three years ago. I started reading Robert Parker again (I was a big fan back in middle school) and moved onto Harlan Coben. Before you know it, I was reading Chandler, checking out all these great zines, and writing my own stories. Sometime in there I started a blog about the world of short fiction, Death by Killing. The crime fiction community has been very welcoming.

Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary?
Don’t care. Just needs to be alive. But I will say that there few pleasures greater than reading classic noir authors like Cain, Thompson and Highsmith.

And, what’s blown you away lately?
Everything Thomas Pluck is doing. The Crime Factory collection is ridiculously good. Katherine Tomlinson’s new collection, Toxic Reality, is freakin awesome too.

Mainstream or indie - paper or digital?
Digital and indie for me. That’s just want I’m reading right now. It’s much easier for quality short fiction to find its way into the digital indy world. Chris F. Holm, Nigel Bird, Pablo D’Stair and Keith Rawson are good examples of writers working alone (or with small outfits) and kicking ass.

Shout us a website worth visiting …
R. Thomas Brown’s Criminal Thoughts. Everything about short fiction that you ever wanted to know.

Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself …
I live in Iowa right now, but by this time next year I hope to be far, far away. Melanie, my wife, and I are applying to teach at an international school next year in Asia or the Middle East.

Thanks for having me!