Tuesday, 4 October 2011

PUSH-UPS: Gerald So

So, what you pushing right now?
STONES, a collection of three stories featuring 1930s aviator C.J. Stone, available for Kindle and Nook.

What’s the hook?
Old-fashioned adventure in the vein of Tales of the Gold Monkey and Indiana Jones, but with a more roguish protagonist.

And why’s that floating your boat?
Writing about this character and period engages my creativity and sense of adventure like no other, maybe due to the added imaginative leap I make to get to the 1930s.

When did you turn to crime?
In 1993, halfway through my first year of college, I read Hammett, Chandler, Gregory McDonald. By the next fall, I had read all the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker.

Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary?
I'll say all of the above, only because the noir label may have been stuck to some of the books I've enjoyed lately.

And, what’s blown you away lately?
LIQUID SMOKE by Jeff Shelby. It takes his wisecracking surfer P.I. Noah Braddock to a very dark place, and I'm not sure where he'll go next.

See any books as movies waiting to happen?
I can see COUNTY LINE by Bill Cameron becoming a movie, maybe by the Coen Brothers.

Mainstream or indie - paper or digital?

I've used all of the above routes for different projects, but my preferred route is traditional paper because of the editorial, promotional, and distribution support that come with it. In indie publishing, authors often have to be their own editors and promoters, too.

Shout us a website worth visiting …
www.thrillingdetective.com. Chock full of P.I. fiction's finest.

Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself …
I'm also a poet who helped found a journal of crime-themed poetry called THE LINEUP. I'm now accepting crime poetry for a weekly website called THE 5-2 (http://poemsoncrime.blogspot.com) which will publish its first original poem on September 12.