Tuesday, 13 December 2011

SIGNING: Su Casa, Ayr

Took a trip into the Auld Toon's Su Casa (Lorne Arcade) to drop off some limited-edition hardbacks for owner, Lucas B to punt to his discerning customers the other day. As illustrated by cheesy image to left.

Take a sketch at the dude popping up in the back there, that's thespian and writer Chris Taylor. Oh yes, none other. The old Su Casa is a hive of celebrity. I'm sure I saw Ayr's own rhinestone cowboy Sidney Devine there once.

Now, folks, these luvly tomes of mine are going at a low, low cover-price and, a-hem, you should consider that hbks make very sweet Christmas pressies (and are sooo easy to wrap!) Yes, and ... Where am I going with this? Hmnn, Gumtree likely ...

(Photo credit/blame: Chez)