Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A shout out to punks and pimps

We know all about punks and pimps at Pulp Pusher but PJM Publishing's Phil Morledge has something to add that might just see your name in print. Over to you, Phil ...

"In the words of Mister Ellroy, welcome all you peepers, prowlers, pedophiles, pedants, panty-sniffers, punks and pimps.

"If you know the dark side of life and dream in blood red pictograms, if you feel at home in the motels and bars of the dangerous side of town, then welcome, what took you so long?

"While you're here I need a favour. You know that story you told me, the one about the murder and the big black bag of cash, well I need you to write it down. There's these guys, PJM Publishing they're called, and they're running this competition that sounds right up your street. Twisted Americana, that's what they call it and they want stories, short stories, the kind of thing you love, dark, twisted and sick as f... well, you know what I mean.

"Anything goes as long as it's twisted and Americana, think murder, mayhem, sex and violence. Paedophile priests and snake charmers. Motels and roadside diners, Vegas neon and the desert cat house.

"Look, I gotta run so do your own homework.

"Check out: www.pjmpublishing.com/competition.html and give it a go. Just don't tell them I sent you."

Further details about the contest and PJM Publishing can be found by visiting www.pjmpublishing.com. The competition itself is free to enter and will result in a paperback anthology of winning entries being published later in the year. All winning entrants will receive a free copy of the finished book.