Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Murder Mile has been in the shops a couple of weeks now and the reviewers - God bless them - have been very kind. Here we go with the pick of the crop ...

"This is no ordinary police procedural, folks. This is for those discerning readers who want more than a puzzle, it’s for those readers who want their intellect nudged while they plunge headlong into the whodunit. Murder Mile is a hugely satisfying read on all levels and comes highly recommended."

- Crime Squad

"Murder Mile is the second outing for DI Rob Brennan, a complex and brooding character who makes Rebus look positively chipper by comparison ... With Murder Mile Tony Black has put the heart back into the serial killer novel. It’s dark, yes, and deeply unpleasant in places, as it should be, but he hasn’t played to shock and there’s a refreshing lack of cheap gore. Rob Brennan is the perfect guide to follow through the criminal underworld, a bundle of rage and righteousness, and after reading Murder Mile the next fictional DI you come across will have a lot to live up to."

- Crime Fiction Lover

"Tony Black's Edinburgh makes Ian Rankin's version seem sedate, polite and carefree … DI Rob Brennan, in his second outing, makes a strong case to assume the mantle of Edinburgh's leading fictional detective, vacant since the retirement of Rebus … he's immensely well drawn, and Black's dialogue and atmosphere crackle with authenticity."

- The Times

“An authentic yet unique voice, Tony Black shows why he is leading the pack in British crime fiction today. His deeply disturbing previous books have been labeled tartan noir, but Murder Mile is in a class of its own, from gripping beginning to shocking end. Atmospherically driven, the taut and sparse prose is as near to the bone you are ever likely to encounter in crime noir. Powerful.”

- New York Journal of Books

"Comparisons with Rebus will be obvious. But that would be too easy ... Black has put his defiant, kick-ass stamp on his leading man, creating a character that deftly carries the story through every razor-sharp twist and harrowing turn. DI Rob Brennan is my new star on the capital's murder mile. And you can't help but think Rebus would approve."

- Daily Record

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