Tuesday, 29 May 2012

PUSH-UPS: Emlyn Rees

So, what you pushing right now?
My new race-against-the-clock thriller, HUNTED.

What’s the hook?

One Innocent Man VS 500,000 Misguided Angry Cops.  Danny Shanklin wakes up slumped across a table in a London hotel room he's never seen before. He's wearing a black balaclava, a red tracksuit and a brand new pair of Nikes. There's a faceless dead man on the floor and Danny's got a high-powered rifle strapped to his hands. He hears sirens and stumbles to the window to see a burning limousine and bodies all over the street. The police are closing in. He's been set up. They're coming for him...

And why’s that floating your boat?

Because that’s what London could turn into in the blink of an eye.

When did you turn to crime?
1997 and 1998 when I published The Book of Dead Authors and Undertow. Then I went a bit soft and co-wrote rom-coms like Come Together with my wife. But now I’m back doing what I like best.

Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary?

And, what’s blown you away lately?
The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. Truly enjoyable research. And Episodes on TV. I still like a good British comedy for taking my mind off the dark side.

See any books as movies waiting to happen?

Danny Miller’s brilliant new slice of 60's noir, Kiss Me Quick. It’s very now (even though it’s set in the 60’s!), very Mad Men, only with murder and intrigue thrown in. I’d love to see it as a Sunday night series.

Mainstream or indie - paper or digital?

I think there’s a time and a place for all of these things and the barriers between them are getting increasingly blurry.

Shout us a website worth visiting …

Here’s a link to a great new band I saw at Brighton’s Great Escape music festival. They’re called Melodramas. Brilliant EP out too. (And don’t worry, this isn’t an ad. I don’t know them, just think they’re pretty darned good.)


Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself …
I came 4th in this year’s Fiery Food Festival National Chilli Eating Contest. And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s a photo in the local rag that proves it (I’m the gurning bald bloke on the left):

:: Find out more about Emlyn Rees at: http://emlynrees.com/