Thursday, 14 June 2012

OUT NOW: The Storm Without

Yes, folks, I know it hardly seems any time at all since MURDER MILE was being launched but today is indeed another launch day ... for THE STORM WITHOUT this time. 

So, what's the story this time? I hear you ask ...

Still recovering from the harrowing case that ended his police career, Doug Michie returns to his boyhood home of Ayr on Scotland's wind-scarred west coast. He hopes to rebuild his shattered life, get over the recent failure of his marriage and shed his demons, but the years have changed the birthplace of the poet Robert Burns. 

When Doug meets his old school-day flame Lyn, however, he feels his past may offer the salvation of a future. But, Lyn's son has been accused of murder and she begs Doug to find the truth. Soon Doug is tangled in a complicated web of corrupt politicians, frightened journalists and a police force in cahoots with criminals. 

Only Burns' philosophical musings offer Doug some shelter as he wanders the streets of Auld Ayr battling The Storm Without.

Now, just to rock things up a bit this time, THE STORM WITHOUT is being issued by two separate publishers: Blasted Heath for digital in UK and USA and McNidder & Grace for paper in UK and USA. And, yes, they have different covers. But to avoid any confusion, it's the same book!

The big news is the price of THE STORM WITHOUT in digital formats, all my previous books have been at the pricey end of the digital market, but this one is available at near bargain-basement prices of: £1.99 UK and $2.99 US.