Friday, 29 June 2012


The Storm Without eBook came out through Blasted Heath a short time ago and it's already started to clock up respectable sales - hitting the Top 30 in Amazon UK's police procedurals chart - I know, not exactly worrying Fifty Shades but this is an achievement I am particularly proud of given the fact that it isn't even a police procedural.

If you've visited Storm's Amazon page you'd likely spot the first couple of great reviews from, firstly, none other than the Guvnor of Celtic Noir himself, Mr Ken Bruen: 

 "This is the Great Scottish Novel, got it all and just a wee shade more ... Classic."

Isn't it a beauty. God bless the man.

And, not to be forgotten, those delightful folks at Undiscovered Scotland, coughed up this belter:

"Highly entertaining, fast paced and tightly, almost sparingly, written"
I've been on the road pimping the said tome - this week I was in Troon, where the Rabbie Burns content (protagonist PI Doug Michie likes to quote the bard) picked up a rapturous welcome and earned me an invite to a Burns club. Will have to get my Selected Poems of Burns out cos there may well be a recital of Tam O'Shanter on the cards.

Oh, and the excellent book trailer put together by Chris Quick of Quick off the Mark Productions and featuring Chris Taylor of Hipshot Theatre in the role of Doug Michie has been racking up some good business on the old YouTube ... a reminder for those arriving late:

Whilst I'm at this reminding lark, it's worth mentioning the Blasted Heath eBook is going shocking cheap at £1.99 - part with your coffers here: Amazon UK - or if you're in the USA, you need only part with a few dollars and cents at Amazon USA.

And if it's the paperback you're after just click on the alternative cover up there to your right - and yes, that's Mr Taylor on the cover, put together by McNidder & Grace, he gets about.