Monday, 13 August 2012

PUSH-UPS: Dave Zeltserman

So, what you pushing right now?


What’s the hook?

With MONSTER I play the following what-if games. What if Victor Frankenstein didn't create the monster out of a misguided obsession, but was in league with the Marquis de Sade and had a far more sinister purpose. What if everything a dying Frankenstein told Captain Walton aboard his ice-bound ship were lies to protect his reputation.  What if the monster gets to finally tell the true story.

And why’s that floating your boat?

This is the most exciting and visceral fictional work I've written. It's also my most thematically rich, and the story moves like a bullet with my best imagery.

When did you turn to crime?

When I was 13 I read my first crime novel, I; the Jury, by Mickey Spillane, and I've been hooked ever since.

Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary?

I've written a lot of noir, crime and mystery, and I've done so because I love the genre and especially with noir how deeply you can explore the human condition, but Monster is horror, although with a very noirish feel to it.

And, what’s blown you away lately?

I read a collection of Gil Brewer short stories 'Redheads Die Quickly' to blurb it, and it was fantastic. It's a very diverse group of crime stories with many of them surprising the hell out of me. I also recently read an unpublished manuscript by Roger Smith that I keep thinking of. Smith writes these intensely powerful and violent South African crime thrillers, and he allowed me to read a horror novel that he has written placed in the US titled VILE BLOOD that ups the ante dramatically as far as violence and horror, and is really an amazing work. A terrific PI novel I read earlier this year was BOSTON CREAM by Howard Shrier.

See any books as movies waiting to happen?

Well, I've got film deals for OUTSOURCED and A KILLER'S ESSENCE, and I think both have a good chance of happening. I came perilously close to a deal for THE CARETAKER OF LORNE FIELD last year. The same week I had calls from a film company and a producer representing a very hot film
director, and we went with the producer/film director and got a deal put together with another studio that fell apart at the last second. I think CARETAKER will eventually get a deal. I also get interest periodically for KILLER, and I think that one has a good shot of happening if we can get the right actor attached for Leonard March.

MONSTER is probably the best book of mine for film adaptation, and the one film guy I've shown it to so far has a lot of interest.

Mainstream or indie - paper or digital?

MONSTER is mainstream (Overlook Press) and is available now in hardcover and as an ebook.

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Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself …

I'm just a boring guy from Boston who used to do software development and now write books, and am cursed with an overactive and somewhat twisted imagination.