Thursday, 2 August 2012

R.I.P. ROBBIE SILVA - out today

It's pub day again here at Pusher Towers and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of blatant self promotion. R.I.P ROBBIE SILVA is my second title through those ne'er-do-wells Blasted Heath, who as it happens asked me to write a bit about the story here.  For those of you who can't be arsed clicking over, then let's take a shufty at the blurb:

Jed Collins, fresh from jail, is struggling to go straight when he hooks up with wild child Gail. Before long Jed is back to blagging ― with Gail in tow.

But Jed has a past, and Gail has a secret about her gangster father that she wants to keep under wraps.

One week in the Scottish capital for Jed and Gail turns into a bloody rollercoaster ride that leads straight to hell.

And if that doesn't sell you on the most fun I've ever had in the writer's chair then maybe the ridiculously low price will ... £1.60 peeps, can you believe it? Or if you prefer, $2.99.