Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bloody Brilliant ...

Well, there goes the weekend ... I'm all done with Bloody Scotland and what a blast it was. There's something about putting a bunch of Scotland's grittiest crime writers in the one spot and waiting to see what happens. Stirling bore the brunt of the first foray into a big-time crime event for our wee country and, it has to be said, done us proud.

Likewise, the organisers deserve a huge round of Appletise for their efforts - as Gordon Brown told me, 'We might look like swans, all serene on the surface, but the legs are going like crazy underneath!'

Fair play to them - Alex Gray, Lin Anderson, Gordon B, Kyle MacRae (hope I haven't missed anyone out) - did a spectacular job on the event. Special shout out to Oor Alex for making a trip to Makro to stock up on Snickers bars for the troops. Don't know what we'd have done without them.

The highlight of the weekend for me was clocking The Godfather of Tartan Noir, William McIlvanney in conversation with Len Wanner. I say conversation, but truth told the Big Man made it very easy for Len with some sparkling anecdotes - or should that be sparking, as one was about stumbling on an electrocuted corpse - and the kind of gravelly-voiced reading that puts us pretenders to shame.

Random stuff I learned this weekend, courtesy of Allan Guthrie, comes the fact that wasps let out a signal to other wasps when they're being attacked ... a kind of 'get yer arse over here' thing. Supposedly. And the ever-lovely Val McDermaid stocked my brain with the knowledge that the planes that land on the beach in Barra have a fixed undercarriage. Sorry, Al, but that's my fav fact. Caro Ramsay on the other hand, bless, just spoke about fingerbobs. No, I can't be arsed explaining ...

So, all in all, a grand time had by everyone. Roll on next year. And in case you needed the proof, here's some pictures of the cream of Scottish crime writing with what appears to be my latest book ... what are the chances?

(From Top: Allan Guthrie; Aline Templeton and Gillian Galbraith; Michael Malone; Alex Gray; Stuart McBride - with Al's hand on his genitals; Caro Ramsay and Zoe Sharp; and Lin Anderson.)

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