Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Always nice to pick up some reviews - even better when the reviewer takes a great deal of pride in dissecting the work - like these luvly folks clearly have. 
First up is Benoit Lelievre at Dead End follies, who delved into THE STORM WITHOUT ... "Tony Black is living up to Hammett, Chandler and Block, with his unique spin on detective fiction. He writes profoundly engrossing literature that explores the boundaries of genre and speaks to you as an intelligent being." Far too kind, sir, but thanks a ton.  

Next up is Marco Piva's review of  TRUTH LIES BLEEDING ... where - in contrast to many - he observes DI Rob Brennan has: ''very, very little in common with John Rebus''. 

And last but by no means least the ever-excellent Barry Graham weighs in on MURDER MILE...  
''I haven’t read everything by Tony Black, but I intend to. If you want to know why he’s talked about so much in the darker regions of the Scottish - and, more and more, American - crime fiction underground, read this grim police procedural.''

Thanks a million, folks. These reviews made a usually miserable writer very happy indeed.