Monday, 10 December 2012

COMING SOON: Long Way Down

Just when you least expect him, Gus Dury is back ... well, soon to be. There's a new novella featuring the reluctant Edinburgh sleuth on the way and just so you know, here's the story on LONG WAY DOWN:

Gus Dury is down on his luck and looking for distraction when Danny Murray asks him to find his old school friend, Barry Fulton. Fresh from jail, and attracting the attention of a new breed of Irish gangster, Barry is treading a fine line between his past and the activities of present-day Edinburgh crimelord, Boaby 'Shakey' Stevens.

Dury knows Barry has put a time-bomb round his neck and if he can't defuse the situation the consequences for his old friend don't bear thinking about. As the clock ticks Dury finds himself sliding the Long Way Down a winding spiral of tension and despair as he tries to save Barry from his own impending destruction at the hands of those who know brutality is a way of life.

Long Way Down is a 14,000 word novella from the author of the Random House UK  Gus Dury series: Paying for It, Gutted, Loss, and Long Time Dead.

Praise for the Gus Dury series by Tony Black:

'Tony Black is the latest of the seemingly unending stream of good Scottish crime writers who have in common the ability to portray vividly the underbelly of Scottish inner-city criminality ... The dialogue fizzes and the whole is suffused with black humour'
-Marcel Berlins, The Times

'Tony Black's first novel hits the ground running, combining a sympathetic ear for the surreal dialogue of the dispossessed with a portrait of the belly of a city painted in the blackest of humour'

-The Guardian

'If you're a fan of the Ian Rankins, Denise Minas and Irvine Welshes of this world, this is most certainly one for you'

'If you've yet to discover the hardcore brilliance of Gus Dury, pour yourself a large one and start here'

-Daily Record

'Ripping, gutsy prose and a witty wreck of a protaganist makes this another exceptionally compelling, bright and even original thriller'
-Daily Mirror

'Tony Black is my favourite British crime writer and Gus Dury the genre's most interesting protagonist. Like his previous books, Loss has the power, style and street swagger that makes most of his contemporaries a little bland by comparison'

-Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting

'Tony Black has written two of the finest crime novels to come out of the UK in the past twenty years and I'm willing to bet that in twenty years, Paying for It and Gutted will be on the top ten list of any crime list. But now comes Loss ... Phew-oh ... It's like having yer ass kicked and yer heart shrived simultaneously. What a privilege to watch a master writer achieve everything you'd hoped for and then some'

-Ken Bruen, author of London Boulevard

'Powerful, focused, and intense ... and then it gets better. Get your money down early on this young man -- he's dead serious and deadly accurate'
-Andrew Vachss, author of Hard Candy