Saturday, 26 January 2013

LAST ORDERS: Gus Dury is back ... again!

Yes, the 'intoxicating brilliance' * of Gus Dury is back. Again.

Like a Number 26 bus, you wait for ever and then two appear at once. This one, LAST ORDERS, will be serialised in that newspaper of note, the Edinburgh Evening News, over the coming weeks but for those of you not in the hood it's also available on Amazon for a piffling 99p.

So, what's the run-down, I hear you ask?

(Fresh from the Amazon product description):

When he receives a mysterious letter on expensively embossed paper, reluctant investigator Gus Dury decides to take the case, if for no other reason than he needs the cash. But there's something about his well-heeled client, Callum Urquhart, that doesn't sit right with Dury.

Urquhart has travelled across the country to find his missing teenage daughter -- who definitely doesn't want to be found. As Dury gets closer to locating Caroline, what he uncovers is a web of lies and deceit and some painful realisations that lead back to his own tangled past.

Last Orders is a 14,000 word novella, first published in the Edinburgh Evening News, from the author of the Random House UK Gus Dury series: Paying for It, Gutted, Loss, and Long Time Dead - which is soon to be brought to the big screen by Richard Jobson.

By all accounts, Oor Gus is looking in particularly rough form - for a wee change - but still manages to get the job done. Just about.

LAST ORDERS is also available in the USA for again, the shamefully trivial sum of a mere buck-something.

Oh, and in related Gus Dury in the USA news, I'll hopefully have something to say about US-editions being available very soon.

* Daily Record.

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