Wednesday, 6 February 2013

LONDON CALLING: an Esquire Magazine story

Hot on the heels of, well, all those other digital launches of late comes my new one: LONDON CALLING.

But, how do you do it, Tone? I hear you say, that's got to be near-on four books in a couple months ...!

As we say in Scotland ... aye and naw.

These are pots that have been on the boil for a little while now. LONDON CALLING, for example, was first published in Esquire Magazine back in the dim and distant past of 2009, commissioned by then editor Jeremy Langmead - a fine chap, known for his great taste.

The story features a one-off character of mine - a drug dealer with a conscience - who decides he's been mixing in the wrong company for too long. When he uncovers his best pal and his best gal are going at it, he extracts a subtle revenge.

I loved writing this tale. Always have enjoyed writing the short stuff and the remaining seven stories in this collection have been culled from a variety of sources on the web and in print. Some are getting an airing for the first time and some are complete re-writes with alterations to location and a few other notable points.

Special credit has to be given to my excellent editor Julie Lewthwaite who spared many of my blushes and seemed to work night and day to get the job just right. Likewise, the ever-excellent Jim Divine whose incredible design skills produced this outstanding cover.

:: LONDON CALLING is available now on AMAZON UK and AMAZON US.