Thursday, 7 March 2013


Yes, I'm at it again, folks. More FREE books. I must be mental ... as if that was ever in doubt!

After the LAST ORDERS giveaway in February, March is the month of more freebies. It's LONG WAY DOWN this time; the first return of Gus Dury since, well, since he went away at the end of LONG TIME DEAD and presumably drank himself into a hole.

Normally retailing at the price of a mere bagatelle - bagatelle's fetching £0.99 these days - LONG WAY DOWN is the chopped-down price of NOWT for the next five days (March 7-11).

If that's not enough to entice you, then here's the blurbage from Amazon:

Gus Dury is down on his luck and looking for distraction when Danny Murray asks him to find his old school friend, Barry Fulton. Fresh from jail, and attracting the attention of a new breed of Irish gangster, Barry is treading a fine line between his past and the activities of present-day Edinburgh crimelord, Boaby 'Shakey' Stevens.

Dury knows Barry has put a time-bomb round his neck and if he can't defuse the situation the consequences for his old friend don't bear thinking about. As the clock ticks Dury finds himself sliding the Long Way Down a winding spiral of tension and despair as he tries to save Barry from his own impending destruction at the hands of those who know brutality as a way of life.

Long Way Down is a 14,000-word novella from the author of the Random House UK Gus Dury series: Paying for It, Gutted, Loss, and Long Time Dead.

:: On Monday, March 18, LAST ORDERS - the latest Dury story will feature in 15 installments with the Edinburgh Evening News.

:: LONG WAY DOWN is FREE in both the UK and USA Amazon sites now.