Thursday, 30 May 2013

PUSH-UPS: Gordon Brown

So, what are you pushing right now?
‘The Catalyst’. My third novel after ‘Falling’ and ‘59 Minutes’.

What's the hook?
A high paced thriller of a man living with a powerful and uncontrollable affliction: his mere presence transforms people’s darkest thoughts into action.

And why's that floating your boat?
I’m fascinated by the edges of the world. The regimes and landscapes that exist just out of reach. I once witnessed a young man at an art exhibition taking a wild turn and throw all the art to the floor. That got me to wondering why someone would do that and the idea of someone who could bring out the worst in people and make them act in an irrational and violent way was born. In the book, the main protagonist can cause the best of friends to turn on each other. He can’t control it but when a US agency discovers what he is capable of they see him as the ultimate assassin. After all put him in a room with two world leaders and if they kill each other who would you blame?

When did you turn to crime?
Because it’s more fun to write about the bad things in life. The world that criminals and secret organizations live in is mysterious and unpredictable and readers seem to have an endless appetite for the dark side.

Hardboiled or noir, classic or contemporary?
Definitely contemporary and not classic. I’m not one for police procedural detail or the private eye living out of a bottle. I like my writing to be fresh and pacey. I get bored easily and I’m a big fan of thrillers as well as crime and I try to inject that into my novels.

And what's blown you away lately?
Andrew Marr’s ‘A History of the World.’ For sheer volume of research and detail it is superb but it’s also a great read and I love the arrogance that goes with trying to fit the planet’s history in a single volume.

See any books as movies waiting to happen?
‘The Catalyst’. I couldn’t see my first two as films but so far everyone that has read it sees it is an action thriller.

Mainstream or indie? Paper or digital?
I’m a paperboy. I was bought a Kindle but I never clicked with it. Two reasons really. On holiday you can’t leave the thing lying around while you jump in the pool or nip off to the bar. Too many people lose their iPads, Kindles etc that way. Also digital lacks the flexibility of paper. A paperback doesn’t run out of power on you, it doesn’t take half the afternoon to flick back a few chapters, it doesn’t mind if you leave it alone for a month and then pick it up, it doesn’t care if you spill some tea on it or drop it on the ground.
I’m also into mainstream. Unashamedly I am a Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Lee Child type of guy.

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Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself.
My mate and I do a local radio show of laid back music for Pulse 98.4 based in Barrhead. It’s the coolest radio station around and is based in the grounds of Barrhead High School in the janny’s old house - the studio we use is his old bedroom.

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