Wednesday, 12 June 2013

FREE ... for a wee while

WE'RE having a bit of a storeroom-clearance sale at Pusher Towers, with THE HOLY FATHER, my ribald Scottish nativity re-telling up for grabs for the next few days.

Yes, after a tip-off that another visit from Inspector Chisholm was on the way, we've already dumped a ton of Farah trousers and fifty cases of the finest Russian tequila.

So, THE HOLY FATHER, then, what's the skinny?

When young Scots carpenter Joe is visited by the Wing Wizard Davie Cooper one Christmas Eve he gets the shock of his life -- his partner is to give birth to a king that very night. Setting off through their scheme -- guided only by an unusual, yet familiar, constellation -- Joe and Mary-doll soon discover their shared passion for the opposing ends of the Scottish football terraces unites them in ways they could never have imagined.

The Holy Father is a 7,000 word short story delving into the divisive nature of Scottish football, told in the raw Scots tongue, and delivered in a familiar festive setting.

And some folks have said nice things, about the book:

'A masterpiece. It's like Jim Thompson and Irvine Welsh got together to write a Tony Black story.'
- Barry Graham, author of THE WRONG THING

Pick up a free copy of THE HOLY FATHER at AMAZON UK or AMAZON USA ... but hurry whilst stocks last, or something.