Saturday, 15 June 2013

GUEST BLOG - Michael J. Malone

It’s been a year since my first novel – BLOOD TEARS - was released and now my second one is hitting the shops – A TASTE FOR MALICE – and I thought, what better time for a spot of introspection.

As an aspiring writer you pray for that moment when you hold your “baby” in your hand. Three hundred or so nicely printed pages bound in a (hopefully) eye-catching cover. What you are not prepared for is that this is just the beginning of a more difficult journey – getting read. Just because you have your name on a cover doesn’t mean people are going to A) see your book or B) buy your book. The hard work is just beginning, buddy so buckle up.

Then you have the thorny issue of deciding whether or not to read reviews – supposing you get any. A writer’s ego is a fragile thing. Do you want to go pissing about with it? Better to stay in that wee delusional world you had ten minutes before you submitted the book to your publisher when you thought everything you touched turned to gold and you were an unmitigated and soon-to-be discovered literary genius. Because you know that ten minutes AFTER you submitted the book to your publisher you were cringing at every word, certain you were about to be found out as a posturing idiot and condemned to hiding under the duvet  for the next 12 months – and that is the world one bad review could return you to.

Then you get into conversations with random strangers – I’m from the West of Scotland, we tend to do this a lot – and they ask you what you do. You stare at them blankly for a moment. Do I tell them about the day-job?  Do I admit to being a writer? Because the last few times you said you were a writer the conversation went one of two ways. 1) An awkward silence while the other person smiles and wonders how fast they can get away from you. Or 2) they ask if you have written anything they might have read. Which leads to another kind of awkward silence while you stifle the reply  – I don’t know do you carry a list with you?

Anyways, my new book is out now. And I did dream for about 5 minutes that I was a literary genius, but mostly since then I’ve been hiding under the duvet.

:: (If you must go online to buy the book go here – its cheaper than on Amazon and Foyles is an actual bookshop. The ebook is here