Monday, 17 June 2013

HARD TRUTHS - The Specials

Hard Truths (Cross-examining crime writers) has been out for a couple of weeks now, and doing some nice business it has to be said, but for those of you with a narrower field of interest there's a few special editions winging their way to an Amazon near you...

Four of the acclaimed authors featured in Hard Truths have been released in three editions - Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh under the one title; Andrew Vachss and William McIlvanney is separate editions.

The Hard Truths concept is a simple one: cross-examine bestselling authors to reveal a little about their back-story, their ambitions and their road to success. The above names, and all the others, proved to be on great form throughout. Here's a taster of some of their wisdom ...

Ian Rankin on his early career:
"When I started, and for the first half dozen Rebus books, I got scant-to-no media attention. I could walk into Edinburgh bookshops and find the shelves bereft of Rankin titles; it was all more than a little depressing." 

Irvine Welsh on critics:
"If they were any good they would have done it themselves and be selling truckloads. But they ain't, and I am. I know this, they do too. Enough said."

William McIlvanney on writing crime:
"I never had that - well coming from my background you wouldn't - snobbishness that says you have to write literature. It's all books, and if they work they work and that's it."

Andrew Vachss on the power of fiction:
"Fiction often has a greater power to expose truth than non-fiction, especially given the extent to which journalism has degenerated."

:: All the special break-out editions are available for £0.77, with the full edition going for £2.99. And available for Amazon Kindle in the UK and the USA priced $1.20.