Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FACE OFF: Julie Morrigan and Paul D Brazill

Julie Morrigan.
Every now and again I get the chance to feature some work by authors I admire and, hello people, this is one of those times! Julie Morrigan and Paul D Brazill are composing some of the edgiest fiction around at the moment and also have the advantage of not being in the slightest bit boring - great subjects then for a Pulp Pusher face off.

Paul: What the hell is Cutter’s Deal?

Julie: A novella published by Byker Books, which is a sweary tale of violence and nastiness set in the north-east of England.

What about Guns of Brixton – what’s that all about?

Paul: GOB is a mockney romp. A foul mouthed London-based crime caper influenced by Ealing Comedies, Carry On films and dodgy old punk songs.

Where did the idea for Cutter’s Deal come from?

Julie: A couple of years ago I wrote a short story called ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ (inspired by the Who song of the same name) for the Off The Record charity collection.

The main character was Mac, a crime boss with his own sense of right and wrong … but who wouldn’t shy away from doing whatever was necessary to show he was top dog and not to be messed with. When Byker Books asked if I was interested in writing a novella for the Best of British series, Mac popped into my head again. He was getting on in years; I wondered who the new players might be, what might happen if Mac was out of the game … and so Cutter was born.

How did you dream up Guns of Brixton?

Paul: I just wanted to have a story where a bunch of disparate characters’ lives intersect. Rather like in that turgid film Crash – but with men in drag and a saxophone playing hit man.

How much research – if any – was involved for Cutter’s Deal?

Julie: Very little with this one. It’s mostly about voice and force of personality.

Did you need to do much/any for Guns of Brixton?

Paul: No, I just checked a couple of London streets to make sure I got the geography mostly right.

Novellas are making a bit of a comeback, is it a form you are partial to?

Julie: Yes, very partial. Long enough to really get into a character or a story, short enough to be a relatively quick read.

How about you?

Paul: Yep, I think the same as you. I also think they’re a good way to break down a longer story into bite size slices.

Will there be a sequel to Cutter’s Deal?

Julie: Yes, I’m working on it now. There’ll be three parts altogether, although each will be written to stand alone.
Paul D. Brazill.

You’re good at series characters (Roman Dalton, Peter Ord) so how about you? Any plans for a follow-up to Guns of Brixton?

Paul: Yep, Holidays In The Sun is knocking about. There may even be one more.

What are you working on now?

Julie: In addition to the follow up to Cutter’s Deal, I have a novel (The Last Weekend) with my editor. Both should be out by the end of the year.

How about you, what are you up to?

Paul: Getting Blackwitch Press – my dalliance with publishing/self-publishing – moving. Mainly promoting Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI.

Also, something for the French publisher Meme and a secret project.

:: Cutter’s Deal and Guns of Brixton are part of Byker Books’Best of British series of novellas.

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