Friday, 9 August 2013

FREE: Killing Time in Vegas

The City of Sin plays host to a performance-enhanced bodybuilder who loses control with bloody consequences in Killing Time in Vegas and an attempt to kidnap a billionaire's daughter goes badly wrong in The Long Drop in this second collection of original short stories by Irvine Welsh's 'favourite British crime writer', Tony Black.

Find out how a victim of high school date rape takes the ultimate revenge and explore the grisly aftermath of a bank job with a crew who suspects one of their number has tipped off the cops.

These American-set stories are collected here for the first time in a 15,000-word anthology. Killing Time in Vegas originally appeared in The Baddest of the Bad whilst the rest of the collection featured in The Mammoth Book of British Mysteries, True Brit Grit, Plots With Guns and Thuglit.

Praise for Killing Time in Vegas:

'It is very rare that you will encounter such tight prose, strong narrative
and pitch perfect dialogue in so many offerings from the one author. Each
tale grabbed me and held me tight until the next one laid its paws on me.'

-Crime Squad

'For me the sign of a good writer is being able to tell a strong story with a minimum of
words - Tony Black delivers both in spades with yet more of the highest quality writing.
The sense of place is excellent, the dialogue sharp & the characters very visible.'

-Big Al's Books & Pals

'There's a great variety in the stories beginning with the eponymous story of this fine
collection which clearly signals that these aren't going to be stories about stereotypical villains
. . . Black travels seamlessly from the mean streets of Edinburgh via Miami to Sin City itself, changing his cigarette brands and accent as he goes. Same high standard, same brilliant writing.'

-I Meant To Read That

KILLING TIME IN VEGAS is free for the next five days on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.