Monday, 19 August 2013

NEW: The Lost Generation

My last book for Random House, Murder Mile, was a tough book to write. I took myself to Ireland and stayed in Mullingar for six months to get it finished because I knew it was going to take super-human powers of concentration. I think I just about I managed it, in the end. As I finished it off and lapsed into exhaustion though, I found myself starting something else, almost right away.

The Lost Generation was an exercise in writing something completely different to the introspective and brooding narrative of DI Rob Brennan that had been in my mind throughout the telling of Murder Mile. I originally thought - on reading it back - that it might make a nice first chapter in a James M. Cain style of tale, perhaps a novella or short novel, and maybe it would - let me know if you think that's something I should be working up.

Meantime, here is The Lost Generation, and three other tales which sit quite nicely together. The second on the list, First Day in the Job, was the very first short I had published in the acclaimed Northwords magazine. There's also a tale from the now-defunct Demolition site and another reworked story that originally appeared in the Dicked anthology. Enjoy!