Thursday, 7 November 2013

GUEST BLOG: Keith Nixon on his killer debut, The Fix

Well that blew by… it’s a year since I stepped tentatively into the self-publishing world with my crime novel, THE FIX, and a hell of a lot has happened in between. Lots of good reviews, a few ‘bad’ ones (too much swearing, naughty Keith!) and three covers. The first cover, we’ll forget but the second, designed by Jim Divine, pictured right, was a cracker.

Then THE FIX was picked up and reissued by a leading independent publisher, Caffeine Nights, in August which led to the third and current image, see left.

So, what’s THE FIX about? Fundamentally it’s those everyday aspects of our existence - ego, murder, lies and the need for change. The setting is just before the financial collapse in 2007 and some of the action occurs in a bank - that’s ego and lies dealt with then. The main character, Josh Dedman, leads a dull life, until £20m goes missing from the bank he works for and his boss ends up dead.

In THE FIX pretty much everyone tries to get ahead in life by fair means or foul. It works out for some, not for others... Basically don’t trust any one of the characters, they’re all liars.

The one character that’s come through for most readers is one of the minor players, a Russian tramp who claims to be ex-KGB. Konstantin has grown in stature since and he takes the lead in four novellas and a full length novel follow-up to THE FIX.

Now, the blurb:

It’s pre-crash 2007 and financial investment banker Josh Dedman’s life is unravelling fast. He’s fired after £20 million goes missing from the bank. His long-time girlfriend cheats on him, then dumps him. His only friends are a Russian tramp who claims to be ex-KGB and a really irritating bloke he’s just met on the train. His waking hours are a nightmare and his dreams are haunted by a mystery blonde. And to cap it all, he lives in Margate.

Just when Josh thinks things can’t get any worse his sociopathic boss — Hershey Valentine — winds up murdered and he finds himself the number one suspect. As the net closes in Josh discovers that no one is quite what they seem, including him, and that sometimes help comes from the most unlikely sources...

Part fiction, part lies (well, it is about banking) and excruciatingly funny, THE FIX pulls no punches when revealing the naked truth of a man living a life he loathes. This is a crime fiction novel with a difference...

And some stuff said about the book by other, far more talented, writers:

'A blast from first page to the last, this high-octane debut takes aim at the corporate world and is fast, furious and a lot of fun. If there’s a knack to writing dark comedy, Nixon surely has it.'

Nick Quantrill, author of The Late Greats

'Keith Nixon delivers big fun in a tightly woven package.'
Josh Stallings, author of Beautiful, Naked and Dead

'Moves faster than a speeding bullet. Can't wait for more from Keith Nixon.'
Tony Black, author of Murder Mile

'Sharply observed, fast paced. Hard as a knuckleduster.'
Richard Godwin, author of Apostle Rising

:: You can pick up THE FIX at Amazon  and Kobo.