Monday, 21 April 2014

Pushing the boat out ...

This week's Ayrshire Post column.

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Pusher Towers in the run up to the publication of this year's three books.

Yes, you read that right. There's three books hitting the stores this year: my new Doug Mitchie crime serial THE INGLORIOUS DEAD; my standalone Tasmania-set novel, THE LAST TIGER; and the first in a new crime series ARTEFACTS OF THE DEAD.

THE INGLORIOUS DEAD is going to be serialised in that newspaper of note, The Ayrshire Post, and that kicks off mid-May, when copies of the book should be hitting stores as well. This is the second serial I've done for the Post and will be illustrated by photographer Euan McCall with Ayrshire actor Chris Taylor playing the Mitchie role again. The first of the scheduled photo-shoots kicked off just the other day and Chris proved himself just the dude for the gig, as ever. Some pictures from the shoot to follow soon.

In other Ayrshire Post-related news, recently wrote a column for the paper - filling in for legendary columnist Bob Shields - which was a blast, unless you were among those I was having a pop at, ahem

The Last Tiger in The Scotsman newspaper.
Second cab off the rank, THE LAST TIGER, in stores this summer, was recently featured in The Scotsman. The national paper ran the first chapter of the novel, along with some great illustrations. This book's been picking up some fabulous advance reviews from, among others, Whitbread-prize winner, Paul Sayer. A very nice early review was also written recently by the writer Michael Malone.

And finally, I had another mad dash down the M8 this week to film a little Edinburgh crime slot for the BBC's The One Show. A great pleasure to hang out in the Port O' Leith pub with kent face Gyles Brandreth, though slightly disappointed there was no wacky jumper on display. The One Show slot could be running any time now, there's no fixed date set.
With Gyles in the Port O' Leith.

:: A new serial of LONG WAY DOWN my Gus Dury novella kicks off in the Edinburgh Evening News today. You can grab a copy of the novella  for free on Amazon until Tuesday.

::  Right now there's a sale on last year's release HIS FATHER'S SON, which is going for 99p in digital format, a mass-market paperback version of the book is due to hit stores soon.

::  Check the website for more new title release details and special offers/discounts.