Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Shooting The Last Tiger

On June 5 The Last Tiger is coming out so it seemed like a good time to get on with the book trailer.

Coming June 5.
Director Pete Martin has some cracking form for producing these trailers - he did an excellent and arty one for Truth Lies Bleeding that you can see here. As well as the video for the James Grant song, His Father's Coat, that I appeared in with William McIlvanney. 

The Last Tiger is a very different book, though. It's my second novel outside the crime genre after last year's His Father's Son. It's set on the apple-shaped isle at the foot of Australia - Tasmania - and recounts the demise of the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger.

Once the notorious prison island of the British Empire - known as Van Diemen's Land - Tassie, as the Aussies call it, was where the unique tiger (a marsupial and apex predator) thrived after losing habitat to the dingo on the mainland.

Tassie was separated from the main when the seas rose some 10,000 years ago creating the perfect habitat for the tiger, which predominantly hunted pademelons and wallabies.

It wasn't until 1803 - and the arrival of European settlers - that the tiger faced any challenge to its dominance. By 1888 the Aussie Government had put a bounty in place to protect flocks that the tiger had been erroneously accused of attacking. By 1936 the animal had been wiped out.

:: The Last Tiger is published by Cargo Publishing and is released on Jun 5, 2014.