Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday round up (an irregular slot, occuring mostly on a Friday)

With Chris Taylor, left, and readers this week. PIC: Ayr Play
It's been another one of those weeks at Pusher Towers, with shit-to-do competing with tasks-by-the-ton. At some stage, I may get to live up to my career description of 'writer' but not for a while anyway. Not that I'm complaining, it's been a bit of a blast this last week, with a readers' day in Galston, featuring among others Lisa Ballantyne, and then, a very boozy meet the author night at Ayr's Carnegie Library, pictured left.
My old bud, the Ayrshire actor, Chris Taylor was filling the Parkie slot in Ayr. From the photo you might notice it's the same bloke playing the Doug Michie role in The Ayrshire Post's new serial of THE INGLORIOUS DEAD. And, as Chris revealed to the audience, he'll be staring in the stage adaptation of THE RINGER which is coming out later in the year, on national tour no less. Incidentally the Edinburgh Evening News' serial of LONG WAY DOWN has now reached episode ten.

Ayr's own Doug Michie is back
Some very kind reviewers put their thoughts into words about THE LAST TIGER on Amazon this week and that's always nice to see; these reviews, these days, make all the difference and it's always a joy to know someone's liked your book, so muchas gracias to all concerned. One of my fav comments from the latest batch of Amazon reviews was "you'd be surprised if Spielberg and Dreamworks weren't already sniffing around The Last Tiger". Erm, actually, I'd be bloody surprised, but let's just throw that out there, eh.

New Post serial underway
Tiger is, however, winging its way to a certain Aussie actor - an A-lister no less - this week, via some out-of-the-blue contact from a mutual friend, so fingers crossed he likes it; the sad fate of the Tasmanian tiger is a story crying out for big screen treatment. And the book hits Aussie stores next month, there's been plenty of interest from the Aussie media, so I'm hoping that keeps up and I get to press the flesh with a few when I'm in Melbourne later in the year.  Hopefully will have picked up some more reviews like this one from Whichbook, who called THE LAST TIGER "extraordinary and an absolute treat" this week.

"extraordinary and an absolute treat"
THE LAST TIGER was a real labour of love for me, written over the course of about ten years, but I suppose that's nothing compared to Col Bailey's epic 46-six-year search for the Tasmanian tiger. I interviewed Col - a lovely gentleman - many years ago for an Aussie newspaper and I've caught up with him again this week for the blog; his new book SHADOW OF THE THYLACINE is already occupying top slot on my TBR pile.

£1.85 on Amazon eBook
My publishers, Black & White have been busy selling ancillary rights to the two books of mine that they are publishing. HIS FATHER'S SON came out this week in audio book - read by the man who used to be the voice of Gerry Adams on Channel 4 News, no less - and a large print version is on the way soon. B&W have also sold audio and large print editions of my new crime novel ARTEFACTS OF THE DEAD, which comes out next month, so outstanding efforts in the current publishing climate. If that wasn't enough, those hard-working folks at B&W have been gathering new reviews for my books. I loved this one from Book Addicted Shaun for HIS FATHER'S SON, where he declares the book a "masterpiece". Don't know about that, Shaun, but delighted you got on with Marti Driscol so well. (In other news HIS FATHER'S SON is on £1.85 on Amazon right now).

And finally - you'll be glad to hear it - if I'd known this was round-up malarkey was going to take so long I'd have just written another frickin book instead! Yes, finally, this week, but by no means least, I spoke to the ever lovely Julie McDowall from The Puffin Review about coffee and my admiration for the work of Gordon Legge, who, as it happens, has a gig in Falkirk next month as part of the For Falkirk's Sake festival.