Wednesday, 11 June 2014

On the publicity trail for The Last Tiger

So chuffed to finally have this book in my hot little hands.

It's been a real labour of love getting to this stage with THE LAST TIGER; I started writing the novel when I was living in SW Victoria and working as a hack for the local paper. And that was about ten years ago.

It took numerous re-writes, numerous agents and numerous publishers to finally find its way into print with Glasgow-based Cargo. It felt like an endless trail of pit-falls but I am confident Tiger's found its way to the right man.

On the publicity trail for The Last Tiger this week.
Mark Buckland of Cargo displayed an interest in the book almost straight away, and, unusually for this business, put his money where his mouth was soon after. When he introduced me at the launch in Blackwell's, Edinburgh, last week he made the point that rarely did a submission land on a publisher's desk and make the sort of impression Tiger did  ... music to any writer's ears!

Support for Tiger, by Mark and everyone at Cargo, has been the stuff or a writer's dreams so to keep my end of the bargain up, I'll be blogging a little about the Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine as it's known, over here for the next few weeks. It's an interesting story - the tiger was a fascinating creature - and the rapid, and extremely sad, demise of the animal is a tale that haunts me.

As a taster, here's a little piece I wrote for the Daily Record about the tiger, the book and its journey so far.

:: THE LAST TIGER is available in paperback and eBook now from Amazon UK.