Friday, 18 July 2014

Launch week reviews for Artefacts of the Dead

It's only been out a week or so but my new crime novel is racking up some very pretty reviews.

It's an interesting one, Artefacts, a kind of existential thriller about a cop who has come back from the brink of death and starts to re-evaluate whether life is worth living. I once heard the answer to that question was 'it depends on the liver' but Bob Valentine will have to work that out for himself.

If you'd like to find out a little more about Artefacts, and its setting in the heart of Burns Country - the lovely town of Ayr - then I wrote a piece earlier in the week for Shots Mag about just that topic.

Meanwhile, over at Liz Loves Books, Artefacts was declared "another massive page turner of the highest order". Liz went on to declare Artefacts "absolutely superb" and how can I argue with that? I think I'll just drop in a chunk of her review and shut up now:

"This author never fails to remind me why I love Crime Fiction so much – the characters pretty much pop off the page, the fine line between dramatic license and realism is walked to perfection and whilst often violent and unrelenting there is also a finesse to it that means it is enough yet not too much."

Heather McD also reviewed over at her blog, calling it a "solid mystery" with "characters that stand out from the page". She went on too, and I wasn't gonna stop her:

"Solid story, great characters, and a great writing style!"

The Crime Thriller Fella declared me an old hand at putting characters under intense strain - hey, less of the old, mate! He did seem to enjoy his time with DI Bob Valentine, though, and he's bang on the money when he says that Artefacts is "part procedural, part existential reflection by a man who has been given a second chance at life – and isn’t sure if it’s worth having".

Again, he elaborated:

"We could all learn a thing or two from Tony Black on how to crank up the pressure to eleven on our beloved characters."

I did a little Q&A with the Crime Thriller Fella this week too, where I talk about the creative cistern needing filling, among other scatological insights.

Finally, Killing Time Crime took a shuftie at Artefacts of the Dead and found plenty to praise about the characterisation of DI Bob Valentine, before stating:

"It’s also a good crime novel, and the plot more than holds its own. Black is also very good on social commentary, and the book is peppered with neat observations."

And on that note, it seems appropriate to tell you that Artefacts of the Dead is available from Black & White publishing, in all good bookstores, and on Amazon

:: My other Black & White title, His Father's Son, is currently part of the Amazon Summer Sale, available for £0.99 for a limited time only.