Friday, 25 July 2014

The irregular Friday round-up

The Ringer in paperback, out now, price: £4.99
Yes, it's Friday, and that means ... well, asking myself if I can be bothered to post the week's main book-related shenanigans.

Rejoice, people, because I can!

THE RINGER - featuring my most crazy anti-hero to date - has hit the proper book shelves. Yes, that's right. You can now buy a copy of THE RINGER in pristine paperback - and a very nice piece of paper it is too - for the meagre sum of £4.99 or the equivalent currency of your choice.

In the coming days/weeks HARD TRUTHS will be the next cab of the paper ranks; I'll keep you posted, and there's more to come.

Some other recent releases have been clocking up very nice reviews of late. THE LAST TIGER, especially, has been roaring up the charts. (Oh, dear). Gaining on the Brown stuff, and becoming my all-time best-seller thanks to an Amazon 99p Summer Sale promo.

My fav review so far for this title has to be from Liz Loves Books:

"What an absolutely amazing and fascinating tale this was – beautifully written, absolutely captivating and with an emotional resonance that will stick with me forever." -Liz Loves Books

ARTEFACTS OF THE DEAD, my new Ayr-set crime novel has also been picking up some very nice reviews, with the Daily Record calling it:

"Dark. Relentless. Harrowing. Set in the shadows of evil, it's a gripping tome that's as chilling as the waves that lap Ayr's shore in the dead of night." -Daily Record

Then Shortlist took up the baton:

"A world full of emotion, mystery and suspense. Twisty crime fiction at its best." -Shortlist 

Last but not least, the Commonwealth Games kicked off in Scotland, so it seemed like the ideal time for me to kick off in The Ayrshire Post. 

I also had a dig at the state of one particular carpark in Ayr and praised our wonderful library and staff at Carnegie in Ayr. 

Libraries in the UK are still under tremendous pressure from the short-sighted Tory cuts that are being foisted on them in the name of austerity measures; here's hoping that Carnegie and many others can weather this storm.