Thursday, 13 November 2014

GUEST BLOG: June Gundlack on Insectipids

June Gundlack.
By June Gundlack

I live in Essex, with a quiet husband and noisy parrot.  During the day I work in the City of London.  At night, I sit in my turret and write...

It is said there is a book inside everyone.  Well it took a very long while for my first novel bravely go where novels go...

I have always loved writing and use people, locations and an inquisitive mind to create my short stories.  My escapades and other journeys have often appeared on The Daily Mail Letters Pages- accompanied by excellent cartoons from their artist, Phil Argent.  Even irritating situations can be entertaining.

After a Start Writing Fiction course at the Open University some years back and writing activity on writing websites I began writing short stories, some made it to print in magazines and charity anthologies.  

My dear old Dad encouraged me 'to write a book'.  An idea in 2007 inspired by my then young teen  nephew, Ben,  started its first draft  - Dad had liked the basic recipe, but it remained a recipe not quite ready.  It was always on the back boiler - waiting to be finished.  Over the years, and with declining health for dad, the book was forgotten - his memory - stolen by the evil Mr Alzheimer.   That is until just before last Christmas, when out of the blue dad asked, 'Did you write a book'?  That was the final push I needed.  I decided to tidy up my novel, INSECTIPIDS, and get it out there. 

In February I was offered a contract with Crooked Cat Publishing.  I knew many great authors from Twitter and Facebook who were represented by CCP and felt truly privileged to become one of their authors.  My novel, Insectipids, is set in part in Scotland  making representation by a Scottish publisher even more special for me.

Insectipids is aimed at teen/YA/and adults who like me, like to act their shoe-size.  I suppose there is a little bit of me in the story - I love to find some element of humour in most things and occasionally a little humour slips into the story - as does weird, bullies, scary, sci-fi, mystery and music.  

Often ridiculed for being different was normal for young James Allen.  He was used to it - until he found himself on the receiving end of a happy-slapping incident.  This turned out to be the spur he needed to change his life and, in doing so, for him to make a difference to the rest of the world.

Inspired by his secret childhood friend, Zoga, his decision takes him on adventures far and wide, introducing him to challenges most adults would cringe at or shy away from.

A short while before his 16th birthday, James develops an increase in physical and mental powers.  Energised by his drive and ability to think and act faster than most, he saves the world from the nemesis known as INSECTIPIDS.

"It's only a fly."  Those four simple words will forever be a reminder that 'only' could mean far worse...

When I received my first author copy - I delivered it to my parents - it was a proud moment for me.  Some members of staff  in their Nursing Home have also read it - proving  there's no upper age-limit for YA fiction.

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