Wednesday, 9 September 2015

SEPTEMBER 24: A Taste of Ashes

The follow-up to the first DI Bob Valentine book (ARTEFACTS OF THE DEAD) is due at the end of this months, maybe sooner in some shops. A TASTE OF ASHES sees Bob Valentine and Glasgow's own Sylvia McCormack on the trail of some more brutal murders in the down-at-heel seaside town of Ayr. Expect mystery, action aplenty, and perhaps just a hint of supernatural goings on.

Here's the blurb from my excellent Edinburgh-based publishers B&W:

When DI Bob Valentine returns to duty after a narrow escape with death, he is faced with the discovery of a corpse on a kitchen table with a horrific neck wound and a mystery surrounding the victim's missing partner and her daughter. It's all too close to his own near-fatal stabbing.

When the murder investigation begins to reveal a tragic family drama, Bob Valentine struggles to deal with the rapidly unfolding events and the terrifying visions that haunt him. As he starts to uncover the illicit secrets of the family's past, can he keep a grip on the case and on his own sanity before the body count starts to rise?

:: You can pre-order A TASTE OF ASHES for just £0.98 at the moment on Amazon.