Friday, 2 October 2015

A TASTE OF ASHES: one week on

Well, that's the new book, A TASTE OF ASHES, precisely one week old. 

And what a busy old week it's been.

A fabulous launch on the isle of Arran, hosted by the ever-brilliant Douglas Skelton (a very nice man, and fine writer, you should check out his stuff) went down a storm. After a day of the ferries in dry-dock - creeping fog, no less - it's lucky we got going at all, so well done to all at Brodick Library, who did a fine job. 

Said book has been racking up the reviews in the last week, too.

And what a cracking bunch those reviewers are.

First up was, Linda's Book Bag, who had this to say:

'Perfect writing. The story opens in dramatic style and maintains its pace throughout ... The narrative races along and keeps breathless reader interest. The twists and turns, with frequent jolts and bombshells, make for a truly thrilling read.'

I won't be knocking that. Cheers, Linda.

Next, we caught a review from Liz Loves Books:

'Clever intuitive prose and a great deal of storytelling art makes A Taste of Ashes rather more delicious than the title would suggest. Black is indeed back. Highly Recommended.'

Pretty, pretty praise.

I loved what Undiscovered Scotland had to say, too:

'A Taste of Ashes is Tony Black's second outing for Detective Inspector Bob Valentine, and a darkly entertaining and splendidly gritty read it is.'

And, lastly, if you're still with me on this brag-fest, there was Crime Fiction Lover. A very carefully thought-out review that concluded:

'Tony Black is one of the leading lights in Scottish crime fiction as A Taste of Ashes proves. If you haven’t read any of his work previously then this is as good a place to start as any.'

With the book promo on Amazon keeping Ashes riding high in the charts (No. 4 in Scottish Crime) it's been a sound start. Well done to all at my publishers B&W, especially Janne and Laura who have been busy racking up these reviews.

:: A Taste of Ashes is currently 98p on Amazon.