Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Highland Times - Class Act To Follow

Today's Highland Times column is live. Here's a few taster pars ...


A FEW years ago, when I was staying in Edinburgh, I joined a freelancers’ group. Whilst most of the folk were there to network it was primarily a social affair and on the website even went as far as offering a dress code: at least get out of your pyjamas!

It was a joke of course. And, no, I don't mean people did actually turn up in their pyjamas, though we're talking about freelancers here so presumably some did opt for the odd duvet day that could be classed as working from home.

And fair play to them if they did take the laptop to bed or balance the books at the kitchen table. Who am I to judge them any more than an office-bound colleague who objects to another’s two-day growth, Metallica T-shirt or penchant for red Kickers.

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''If you haven't yet read Tony Black, you're missing out.'' - Crime Squad

For quite a few years now, as long as I've been a published author, Crime Squad has been one of the genre's leading review sites. They do a cracking job, every month, with the new releases so it's always great to see a review up there.

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