Thursday, 28 April 2016

Snow. I Shit You Not.

Signing in Dundee Waterstone's.

I shit you not.

In April.

The 28th.

Right, got that off my chest, now to recent and future happenings.

It's been an ony-offy sort of few weeks here at Pusher Towers, what with work on the new Bob Valentine book (number 3) SUMMONING THE DEAD taking over for a while. It's due out in October this year and we're looking good to hit that with more than 90% complete. There's a cracking cover too, but I can't reveal that yet, so you'll need to make-do with the blurb:

With his near-fatal stabbing almost a memory, DI Bob Valentine is settling back onto the force, until one of Ayrshire's darkest secrets is unearthed. The skeletal remains of a boy, his hands and feet cable-tied, turns up in a semi-foetal position during routine drainage works.The boy is soon identified as a missing child from the 1980s, re-opening a cold case that was previously thought unsolvable. When the remains of more children are unearthed, Valentine soon finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy linking the past and present through some of the most shocking crimes of his police career.

There's also another crime series on the way, which I'm co-authoring with an outstanding Australian writer; more about that soon. I know, I'm not giving much away.

On the events side, I'm just back from Dundee where I opened a new library for the prison service up there. Great city and met some great people. I dropped in to do a bit of a signing at Waterstone's there too, so there's a fair stockpile of signed books in store now.

By far the toughest gig of my life so far was at a nursery group in Lamlash, Arran. The average age was three but thankfully there was no harsh critics among them and it turned out just fine. If you're wondering, no, I didn't read any Gus Dury: it was some Gruffalow books (in Scots) supplied by my publisher, Black & White, for the occasion.

Next stop looks like being Stirling, where I'm reading at Bannockburn Library as part of the book festival. Another great town so looking forward to that on Tues, May 10, at 7pm.

I'm doing a school visit in deepest, darkest Ayrshire next month too. Fortunately, it's not my old school, though. I think they still remember me, ahem.

The Highland Times column continues, with very little affect on my blood pressure despite numerous anti-Tory rants, and you can catch the latest piece online now.

And finally. Painting. Yes, the move to the island continues to inspire me to mess about with paint; I won't be compiling these in a calendar at the end of year, you'll be pleased to hear, but you can take a swatch at a couple of recent examples:

Holy Isle Cottage.
Arran Rambler.