Monday, 18 July 2016

PUSH-UPS: Shari Low

Shari Low.
So, what you pushing right now? 
The Story Of Our Life. It’s a relationship drama, told in a dual narrative, with one strand following Colm and Shauna from the moment they met, while the other, in the present day, reveals that their lives have just been dealt a devastating blow that has every chance of derailing their future. 

What’s the hook? 
Can a lifetime of love survive anything life throws at it? And can mitigating circumstances ever excuse betrayal and infidelity? Right at the outset, Shauna reveals that her husband has slept with someone else – but as we look back at what led to that point, can we find any compassion or understanding for his actions? 

And why’s that floating your boat? 
Because I’m obsessed with flaws and imperfections – in people, in relationships and in life. It seems to me that we’re all just one mistake away from detonating a catastrophic crapstorm in our own lives. Then there’s the other stuff, the disasters and misfortunes that we can’t control. I wanted to look at how the networks we build and the bonds that we form can endure that kind of unpredictability and turbulence. But it’s not all darkness and despair – there are some laughs in there too. More than anything I’ve written, I think this is the closest to real life in all its messed-up complexities.  

When did you start writing?
I didn’t pen a word of fiction until I was 30, when I decide to give that long-held ambition to be a writer a shot. Seventeen books later, no-one’s told me to stop yet, so I’m still two-finger typing.

Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary?  
As a reader, all of the above. As a writer, there were strong elements of contemporary crime in the novels I wrote under a couple of my pseudonyms: Ronni Cooper and Shari King (the latter with writing partner, Ross King). 

And, what’s blown you away lately? 
I’ve just finished Irvine Welsh’s The Blade Artist. Hardcore, twisted and, I think, the most cinematic of all Welsh’s works. If there’s a God of Semi-Retired, Homicidal Psychopaths, his next act of duty should be to put this one on the screen. 

See any books as movies waiting to happen?
Ah, see above. And I’ll never stop hoping that some movie mogul with a bit of imagination sees that James Clavell’s Tai Pan would make a cinematic epic.

Mainstream or indie - paper or digital?
Again, all of the above. My only gripe is that in the digital age, you can’t look around and see what others are reading. That’s one of my favourite opportunities for curiosity and rash judgement lost forever…

Shout us a website worth visiting … 
I’d love to come up with something super-cool and erudite, but as a travel-junkie, my most-visited website is 

Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself …
I’m a near-50 year old woman who is basketball-obsessed (watching it, not playing – my knees couldn’t cope). I know, random, right? In my defense, both my sons play for Scotland, but that aside, I only have to conjure up memories of those old ladies going berserk at the ringside of 70’s wrestling bouts to see a snapshot of my future. 

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