Thursday, 8 September 2016

PUSH-UPS: Graham Smith

Graham Smith.
So, what you pushing right now? 
My novella Matching the Evidence which is actually released today. (8th September) 
What’s the hook? 
It’s the second novella / short story collection in my DI Harry Evans series and sees him “relegated” to crowd control between Carlisle United supporters and Millwall’s notorious Bushwhackers. As ever, he finds himself dealing with far more than originally designated.
And why’s that floating your boat? 

I love the idea of catching readers unaware with hidden elements which only come to light as the story progresses.
When did you turn to crime? 
I’ve been a criminal since first being given a Famous five book since the age of eight.  It was only five years ago that I moved into organised crime though.
Hardboiled or Noir, classic or contemporary? 
I’m more than happy with either hard-boiled or noir but almost all of my reading is contemporary although I do plan to one day read some of the classics.
And, what’s blown you away lately? 
Streets of Darkness by A.A. Dhand was an outstanding debut filled with pace, presence and character and I’m currently reading The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid by Craig Russell which is simply fantastic.
See any books as movies waiting to happen? 
Streets of Darkness has been bought by the BBC but I’d love to see any of Craig Russell’s Lennox series made into a film.
Mainstream or indie - paper or digital? 
I will read anything so long as it’s a good story. My own reading preference is paper but I do see the advantages of ereaders. I say each to their own so long as avid readers are being connected with some of the great authors that are out there.  
Shout us a website worth visiting … which I’m proud to be a reviewer for.  It’s a fantastic resource for connecting readers with great books.

Finally, tell us any old shit about yourself … 
There’s not a lot to tell really. I’m now at that stage in my life where I have more waist and less hair than I’d like. I also used to be so good at football I won trophies. For playing darts.

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