Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Friday Update

Well, it's been a couple of months since the last one, which tells me it must be time for another regular Friday update of all the bollocks I've been getting up to. 

Top of the rack has to be my seventh CWA Dagger nomination. This year I'm on the shortlist for the esteemed Dagger in the Library, which is a huge honour especially when you take a look at the competition. The winner is announced at an awards ceremony in London on October 11, so I have fingers and toes crossed that it's seventh time lucky this year. The Banner and the Highland Times did very nice pieces on the shortlisting. 

Had a lovely time in Stirling talking to a group of book lovers at the Off The Page Festival, where I had the chance to pose for a cheesy pic of myself with my latest tomes. In the next few weeks I'll be doing readings at Coatbridge Library, Dumfries and Dundee - more details later.

Latest books arriving are the audio version of A TASTE OF ASHES by ISIS, who have done a very tasty job on the cover. The words, as ever, are read by the brilliant Perrier Award-winner Garth Cruickshank - if I could only get him to do my live readings too! 

And en route for an October 6 landing in book stores is SUMMONING THE DEAD (currently available for advance order on Amazon). Published by excellent Edinburgh publisher Black & White it's DI Bob Valentine book 3 and I'm quietly very chuffed with this one. Bob's delving into the case of the discovery of a boy's mummified body in a barrel in the heart of the Ayrshire countryside. Warning: my wife cried at this one, I think it's the split-narrative with the little boy, a technique I first used in HIS FATHER'S SON.

And, finally, I can break the news about my new Aussie-set crime series with the phenomenal talent that is Australian writer Matt Neal. BAY OF MARTYRS is the first in a series to feature Clay Moloney a SW-Victorian reporter with a serious nose for trouble. The first two books in the series will be published by Scottish Publisher of the Year, Freight, and if our editor's reaction to this one is anything to go by then you'll love it, too! BAY OF MARTYRS is released early next year, here's the run-down:

Washed-up hack Clayton ‘Clay’ Moloney has found a place to hide from his past on south-west Victoria’s shipwreck coast. He might call himself a journalist but his editor knows the hottest story he’ll be filing is an update on the bushfire season, that is until the body of a teenage girl washes up in the Bay of Martyrs. It’s clear she’s a victim of murder but everything else about the case is shrouded in mystery. From the politician and the industrialist with secrets to hide to the drug dealer and local prostitute who know more than they’re letting on, Clay’s lot has never been more troubled, and his desire for justice never keener.  

And, finally finally, you can now catch the film director Pete Martin made of The Ringer stage play at Ayr Gaiety. It's your chance to see Bryan Larkin in the role of Tambo before he went on to star alongside Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen.

:: SUMMONING THE DEAD is released on October 6 and is currently available for advance order on Amazon. Launch date details coming soon. If you're a reviewer and would like an advance copy, drop me an email and will get that sent along.