Friday, 14 October 2016


THE third Bob Valentine novel is here. SUMMONING THE DEAD is available to buy now, though the official launch will take place next Thurs, Oct 20, in the scenic surrounds of Brodick on the isle of Arran. 

The local paper, The Banner, has very kindly put out a lovely piece on the new book, with a run down on the plot and some dodgy ramblings from the author.

Likewise, The Highland Times, that newspaper of note, has done a piece where I yabber uncontrollably about the contents of said tome. (More news about the Highland Times soon, and a new books column that will involve the newest releases).

Sticking with the new book theme, and why wouldn't we, there's a kind and erudite review over at Undiscovered Scotland that declares SUMMONING THE DEAD "a highly engaging and entertainingly gritty read ... Highly recommended".

The kindness continues over at Amazon where Bob's third outing is clocking up some very catchy reviews:

"This is one of the best books I've read this year. An intriguing plot, well developed characters and something to really make it stand out with Valentine's supernatural abilities ... I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crime suspense/thrillers.'' 

(5 Stars)

''This was a really well written book, on a highly sensitive, and emotive subject – the abuse and murder of two young boys. ... I loved his character, and would love to read more about him, so will be checking out more from this author!'' (5 Stars)

''Brilliant story and the first I've read of this author. I'm going to treat myself to the series so far and hope there is more to come. The story had me hooked straight away and kept me rooting for the good guys till the end. A tough subject to cover but sensitively handled. Loved it and would definitely recommend.'' (5 Stars)

If you're a book blogger my publishers still have some review copies of SUMMONING THE DEAD to dish out. Drop them a line at: 

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:: The launch party in Brodick Library is free and open to everyone. There will be free booze, some crackers (present company included) and signed books available.