Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I did some stuff, and some other stuff

It's Tuesday, or something, which means it must be time for the Friday update once again. Yes it's that more of me, me, me bollocks that seems to be the go these days.

So, here we are:

First off, if you didn't already know, Book Week Scotland will soon be upon us and I'm out and about pimping my wares at a number of venues this year. You can catch me at the following spots that were kind enough to invite my raggedy-ass along:

MONTROSE............Monday 21st Nov

DUMFRIES..............Wed 23rd Nov

MORNINGSIDE.........Thurs 24th Nov

DANDERHALL..........Fri 25th Nov

I'll be reading from SUMMONING THE DEAD, my new DI Bob Valentine book, which brings me nicely onto the latest promo activities which have been cropping up.

The Arran Banner - because it's a paper run by very nice people - had me back for a post-launch lead where reporter Hugh Boag recalled the night in Brodick Library where Bob 3 met the world. A great wee piece and, again, The Banner being very good to me, as usual. 

The Edinburgh Evening News (more nice, kind folks) put together a few pars on the new book too, with nice mentions for the two gigs I'm doing in the city - Morningside and Danmderhall - for BWS.

A host of new reviews have appeared for SUMMONING THE DEAD. 

Shots Mag called it, 'a gripping, horrifying and well-paced tale of crime fiction'.

Little Bookness Lane said its 'sensitively grounded and assured plot has you rooting for DI Valentine'.

The Welsh Librarian really got the story, saying,  'Summoning the dead seems somehow harder and more realistic than some of the fiction in its genre and for that it’s author can only be applauded. To keep a prolific reader hooked from start to finish is no mean feat. An excellent crime novel, and I shall be seeking more from this author'.

I've also written a little piece about my reading habits over at Crime Worm.

And finally, in other news, I can confirm the publication date of my next novel - BAY OF MARTYRS - which I've written with Matt Neal will be March 20, 2017.

And finally, finally, big thanks to Blackwells Book Store in Edinburgh for the very nice promotion on SUMMONING THE DEAD, pity I have to share a shelf with Tony Blair, though.