Friday, 24 March 2017

OUT NOW: Bay of Martyrs

Sooo, the day has finally arrived. BAY OF MARTYRS is out!

If you like the sound of 'True Detective Down Under' then this is the boyo for you. Co-written by the excellent Aussie scribe, Matt Neal, you can walk into any good book store - and a few shit ones - in Scotland right now, hand over legal tender (or shoplift it) and walk out with the bad boy.

You can also pay a visit to the website place that sells books. Where we have a cracking first 5-star review in place, which states: ''I thoroughly enjoyed Bay of Martyrs. It is a thumping good read which held my attention throughout.''

There's a few more reviews out there, including Shots, who say: ''Aussie noir has a certain ring to it, almost like the sound of half-empty lager cans being banged together at the end of a test match. If this is the start of a new wave in crime writing, you can expect Tony Black and Matt Neal to surf it all the way to Bondi beach.''

Matt does a fine job of pimping our wares down at the Highland Times, that northern paper of note, too. And there's an interview with the very man on Paul D. Brazill's brilliant blog, where he reveals a certain fondness for The Muppets, among other things.

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