Thursday, 16 March 2017

True Detective on the Australian Coast

FOR those of you paying attention it can't have escaped your notice that there is a new book with my name on it fast approaching. But, not only my name! Let me explain ...

''True Detective on the Australian coast''
A few years back I worked beside a precocious journalist by the name of Matt Neal. Soon after meeting Mr Neal I hatched the dastardly plan of harnessing his talents in service of my own, er, dastardly plan. It took more than a decade, and pulling in copious favours from all my Illuminati contacts, but hey presto!

Yes, Mr Neal was duly signed into servitude on BAY OF MARTYRS and what a beezer of a job he's done on all the heavy lifting. The book, which is being described as ''True Detective on the Australian coast'' is out this month, March 23 to be precise but for those of you interested in reviewing on blogs etc there are some review copies kicking about at my publishers, Freight.

The excellent Freight have a detailed run-down on the book's plot on their website for those of you keen on that kind of thing, but I'll shove in a few quotes from big name authors here just for the sake of bumming us up:

''This is one hell of read, two authors is a tricky gig and most times results in desultory effect. But here are two writers so in sync that it is seamless. A get in yer face, down and dynamic read that grips and enthrals. Tony Black at the very height of his terrific talent and now with a double act to enrich his solid rep.''
-Ken Bruen, author of The Guards and Priest 

''This was a great read. Really cool, interesting and unusual locales, with a fast-paced thriller narrative and some very sexy lead characters. Highly recommended.''

-Tony Cavanaugh, author of Promise and Dead Girl Sing

Drop Freight or me a line if you fancy reviewing BAY OF MARTYRS or, indeed, interviewing myself or Mr Neal about his ordeal.

:: Bay of Martyrs is available in bookstores and on Amazon.