Friday, 28 April 2017

Sex and Violence and Noah Milano

by Jochem Vandersteen

I am far from a prude but I did it find it difficult to write sex scenes on the page.

I guess earlier Noah Milano stories reflected this a little bit. Ever since The Death Business I’ve been a bit more confident about it, I guess it has to do with getting older. That’s not to say my stories have turned into letters to Penthouse Forum, I have no illusion I am that literate, after all. 

Seriously, I try to write about sex the way I do about violence. Hell, the way I write all my scenes. The way Elmore Leonard intended us hardboiled writers to, leaving out the parts people skip.

I don’t get bogged down in the details of the acts of sex and violence but don’t pull back on the grit either. When people are horny they fuck, not make love. When people fight, they go for the kill.

There’s blood, naked bodies, bad language and nasty people all around my new novella as well.

The way I write I don’t need 60,000 words to get my story told. I know I’m not writing War and Peace. I’m not writing to change the world. I’m writing because I love what the ones who came before me did so well. 

You know, Hammett, Chandler, MacDonald and maybe even more so Mickey Spillane and later on Robert Crais and Robert B. Parker. I want to entertain. And let's face it, reading about cool private eyes fighting gangsters and bedding hot women is entertaining.

And make no mistake, my main protagonist for almost twenty years now, Noah Milano is one cool dude. He’s a Jack Daniels swilling, 9mm-packing wiseguy in a leather coat, as quick with his wit as his fists. 

Women want him and men want to  be him. That kind of guy. He’s also full of guilt and anger, so don’t think there’s not a certain level of deeper thoughts in the book. It’s just that’s the icing, not the cake.

What I’m trying to say, I guess is that if you like pulp fiction, if you want to be entertained and don’t get offended by sex and violence you might want to pick up my new novella. It’s dirt cheap too. Come on, you know you’re not better than I am. You love that kind of shit too.

* * * *

Serving Justice is available now on Amazon

When security specialist and son of LA's biggest mobster, Noah Milano, moonshines as a process server and manages to piss off a MMA fighter and stumble on a corpse. He's enlisted to prove a beautiful woman didn't killer her husband, the corpse Noah found. Caught in a dangerous web of deception where danger lurks around the corner and it can be very unclear who is friend and who is foe Noah Milano fights for redemption ... And to serve justice

"Jochem's deep and abiding love for classic pulp fiction comes through on every page, and his stories continue the time-honored tradition of the hardboiled American PI." 
--Sean Chercover, author of Trigger City.