Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Friday Update. (Yes, I know.).

Been a bit mental here at Pusher Towers of late, so apologies to my regular readers (both of you!) for the gap in writing up my usual guff. But here it is now. By way of news, that paper of note, The Arran Banner (ably edited by Hugh Boag) has been keeping my home town informed of the publication of Bay of Martyrs. A lovely piece about how my old mucker, Matt Neal, and I came to write the book - despite being on opposite ends of the globe - was followed up by a crackin' review.

The Arran Banner.
AAA Edinburgh also splashed Matt and myself all over their pages with a very nice interview slot, which you can read here. More coverage, and opportunities for blather, occurred at Paul Brazil's gaffCol's Criminal LibraryThe Highland TimesThe Standard, and Mick Malone's site.

Reviewers have been almost universally kind to BoM too, with write-ups at Shots MagCrime Fiction LoverBook BallonSugar PulpPromoting Crime Fiction, and more on the way.

Moving on, following a rights return, The Inglorious Dead has been re-released in eBook and can be purchased in the US right now for under a buck! There's also been a re-design by the brilliant Jim Divine on some of the other titles on my backlist, which are also going cheap in the US for a limited period. 

The Daily Record.

Summoning the Dead (currently 90p on Amazon), my latest in the DI Bob Valentine series has just been released in Large Print, too. Very nice cover design by my long-time LP publishers, WF Howes. And there's an audio version from ISIS Audio just out as well, featuring the silky tones of the uber-talented Garth Cruickshank. 

Still on the subject of Summoning the Dead, a piece appeared in the Daily Record (thanks to Shari Low for the sendalong) about the third book in the series. Book four is underway and is scheduled for release next year in paperback from Edinburgh-publisher Black & White.

And finally, news of an event. I'll be appearing at the Bloody Scotland Festival on 9 September alongside JG Sinclair and LA Larkin, which should be fun.