Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pimp My Read

Yes, it's that time again. 

There's a new book out, making its way to stores and hand-held reading devices everywhere. 

Of course, you know nothing about it, so here's the run-down from Amazon:

Abbie is missing. Her mother knows who's to blame.

But nobody is listening.
When the case falls to DCI Bob Valentine, he has no choice but to listen. Haunted by the girl's cold gaze and her mother's hurt, Valentine finds himself at the centre of the most harrowing investigation of his police career.
As he uncovers a ring of ritualistic abuse that circles up to the highest echelons of a degraded, Satanic society, the detective wonders how the world can contain such evil.
And then the bodies start to mount up. And the demons defenders appear. Has Valentine any hope of finding the missing, never mind the guilty?
'This novel was totally Unputdownable. I loved every minute of Her Cold Eyes.' -Favourite Novels
'Horrifyingly dark crime fiction, brilliantly executed.' -Anne Bonny Book Reviews
'Very dark and gritty... definitely up there with my best reads of the year.' -Donna's Book Blog
'Another brilliant DCI Valentine novel and I really hope it's not the last.' -The Welsh Librarian

'The latest in a can't put down book series from crime author Tony Black' -There's Been a Murder
'A compelling book, forcing the reader to face the horrors revealed between its pages.' -Undiscovered Scotland
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