Friday, 30 November 2018

London Calling is FREE today

FREE   FREE   FREE  ... need I say more?

A low-life drug-dealer has a sudden change of heart as he takes revenge on his cheating partner in London Calling, the title story of this collection of original short stories by Tony Black. 

See a loose-moralled lothario get his painful comeuppance in Pretty Boy and laugh at the antics of a pathetic patter-merchant in the anti-romance Jailbait Stalemate. 

You can also enjoy a short tour of the seedier side of Edinburgh with reluctant investigator Gus Dury in the original short-story version of Last Orders. 

These Scots-themed stories are collected here for the first time in a 10,000-word anthology. London Calling originally appeared in Esquire Magazine whilst the rest of the collection featured in the Best of British Crime, Requiems for the Departed, Protectors, and Crime Factory.