Friday, 11 January 2019

It's launch day - again!

Cover Design: Jim Divine. 

Yes, folks, it's launch day! Again.

BAY OF MARTYRS - co-authored with the fine Aussie talents of Matt Neal - is back in print. Well, e-ink. 

The eBook of BAY OF MARTYRS is being made available on Amazon for the first time since the original publisher Freight Books shut up shop. 

It's a ripper yarn - which is like a ripping yarn, but as an Aussie would say it. (Matt can feel free to correct me on that.)

I'm well stoked (am I taking this to far?) to see BAY OF MARTYRS out there again because the original publication never had a chance with the publisher going bust almost right after publication. I think that's a story for another blog post, though. 

Anyway, what's it all about, Alfie? I hear you say. And I'm happy to give a quick run-down on Aussie detective Clay Moloney's first outing:

Clay Moloney, a cynical reporter with a regional Australian newspaper, is expecting an easy Sunday at work when the body of a young woman washes up at the Bay of Martyrs. The death is an inconvenience for Clay, who's content filing obituaries and re-writing government press releases on the new multi-million-dollar airport. But the more he digs into the Bay of Martyrs incident, the more he realises the girl's death is not a case of misadventure, despite what the police tell him. Clay becomes obsessed with the murder investigation, putting himself and his co-worker Bec, an Irish-born photographer, in danger. Will Clay achieve justice for the young student, or will those in power stop him before he uncovers the truth?

What more could you ask for for a mere £0.99 on Amazon.

Oh, and don't be put off by the lack of reviews, there's twenty or so on the original paperback of BAY OF MARTYRS, which I'm hoping will migrate across soon. Of course, all honest reviews are much appreciated.