Friday, 18 January 2019


Every now and again, usually between novels, I'll take a stab at something completely out there. STONE GINGER is the result of one of these stints.

Like an alky going on a skite, and pissing his sobriety up the wall, I wrote STONE GINGER in a short-ish burst. I didn't have a scooby where it was going, and let the characters lead me. A nice break from the tightly-plotted novels I usually write.

The result was a diamond geezer of yarn. A London noir, if you like. Charlie 'Minty' Lamb is an everyman who suddenly finds himself the focus of the stunning Ginger, much to the envy of his friends.

Of course, Ginger, isn't all she seems and some capers ensue.

STONE GINGER is FREE on Amazon this weekend, go grab yourself a short read for nowt.