Friday, 8 February 2019

Four New Books for £0.99

Talk about a click-baity headline ... well, it's kinda true. All four books are new editions and they're all £0.99 - each.

Three crime thrillers from my DI Bob Valentine series are being re-released in a sparkly new eBook form. (With a fourth to come soon, following a quick haircut.)

There's also the far more civilised 'dad and a lad' HIS FATHER'S SON now available in eBook.

The Bob Valentine series is set on the west coast of Scotland and features a detective who is back on the force after a close shave with death.

Bob's recent stabbing to the heart saw him die on the operating table only to be revived later, however, he's never been quite the same man since. Could it be paranoia on his part, or is there a creeping paranormal influence on him?

Although a 'numbered' series all the books can be read as standalones. The most recent, published last summer, HER COLD EYES, sees Bob peering beyond the murder of a young girl and discovering political intrigue and a Satanic conspiracy that makes him question his real purpose in life.

A TASTE OF ASHES starts with a corpse on a kitchen table and goes on to reveal a torrid family drama. A missing girl, a tragic past and secrets revealed along the way to a haunting ending.

SUMMONING THE DEAD sees the unearthing of the mummified remains of a boy. The investigation takes Bob into the corridors of power and opens a cold case that reveals a political cover-up involving a disgraced MP.

So, yeah, just another day at Westminster or the BBC ... that kinda thing. Obviously, the books' resemblance to the current news cycle garnered some praise from UK's rapidly shrinking bien-pansant. Some of their nice words follow:

“Taut, with a heart-wrenchingly honest protagonist and impressive literary style, it is among the best of the new Tartan Noir.” (The Daily Mail)

“Irvine Welsh adores him, Ken Bruen can't praise him highly enough - Tony Black is the new Scottish noir king you need on your bookshelf” (Shortlist Magazine)

"An accomplished and impressive piece of tartan noir" (The List)

"Black's visceral prose makes this a superior offering in a crowded market" (Big Issue)

The 'not at all crime fiction' HIS FATHER'S SON is also out in eBook. It's more of a 'dad and a lad' type of tale, so if you liked Man and Boy or Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha (one reviewer even compared it to Angela's Ashes) this could be one for you.

HIS FATHER'S SON takes place in the Lucky Country of Australia, and in the not so lucky (with the weather, anyway) Ireland. Two countries I love, and spent some of my own boyhood in, so perhaps the reasoning behind the media's insistence on calling the tale biographical.

Still, HIS FATHER'S SON attracted more kind words than perhaps any one of my other novels. Readers really loved this one.

“Soulful and stunningly written, this reads like a future classic.” (Lisa Jewell)

“A moving and evocative tale, a heartfelt examination of the bond between fathers and sons, and about the baggage one generation passes on to the next.” (Doug Johnstone)

“This is a tale of father and son, man and wife, and how a journey to be reunited can mean rediscovering a part of yourself that was buried long ago and Black tells it perfectly.” (The Scotsman)

“This is an emotional story to be sure. Poignant yes. It also has its humour cleverly paced and bittersweet I highly recommend that you pick a copy of this book. Mr Black can write more than crime fiction that's for sure. I hope he continues to do so.” (Liz Loves Books)

“His Father's Son is an emotional story fraught with believable characters, a finely woven plot, and a mesh of two cultures expertly revealed. This story is written in a style reminiscent of the late Frank McCourt and should sit alongside Angela's Ashes as one of Irish literature's classic novels.” (Heart of Fiction)

:: The newly re-released eBooks can be found on Amazon, with ARTEFACTS OF THE DEAD (currently getting a haircut) coming before the end of the month.