Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Paul D. Brazill on LAST YEAR'S MAN

We haven't had a Q&A at Pulp Pusher for quite some time. So, thought we should so something about that. 

We've asked the one and only Paul D. Brazill along to tell us about his latest tome, LAST YEAR'S MAN.

TB: I just read the blurb for LAST YEAR'S MAN, and fuck me, it sounds a bit tasty ... I'm hearing echoes of Get Carter in there. Tommy Bennet is an assassin with a hard paper-round, and he's getting on a bit. What appealed about bringing him to life? 

PDB: For sure, the shadow of the Brit comedy of my youth hangs over Last Year’s Man. The ghost of Galton and Simpson and especially the Tony Hancock of ‘Too many things went wrong too many times.’ Tommy’s had enough. He’s looking for respite. Takeshi Kitano’s sad-sack persona was also an influence – especially Sonatine and the end of Zatoichi.

Are you a fan of the old British gangster flicks? When I wrote R.I.P Robbie Silva, I'm sure I was channelling Villain in some way ... Burton rarely made a decent movie, mind you. 1984 was going out on a high. We're rambling off topic, pull it back by saying something profound about writing ...

For sure, but I’m more The League Of Gentlemen and The Ladykillers. The Italian Job and The Wrong Arm Of The Law - just full of character and characters.

Tell me about your publishers All Due Respect, they look an interesting outfit. They put out a Nigel Bird novella, I believe. Nigel's a great writer, are you a fan?

All Due Respect is ostensibly Chris Rhatigan, although they are under the umbrella of Down and Out Books now.  Chris is a great writer of lowlife yarns and he has an eye for an offbeat story too. They’ll be putting out a reboot of Nigel’s In Loco Parentis later this year. He’s a great writer. Mr Suit may be my favourite of his.

And, what's next for you?
Near To The Knuckle will be putting out my short story collection Small Time Crimes and I may get another book out this year too. I’m finishing off a follow up to Last Year’s Man. It’s called The Iceman Always Rings Twice. I hope to finish Carry On Criminal- at last- by the end of the year.

Anything you'd like to add before signing off?
Thanks for having me, Tone!

:: Find out more at Paul's website.